18th Scrapbook Day 19

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Papertrey Ink

Hello there!

Well if you made it this far, Kudos to you!  Thank you so much for joining me on this little journey!

The last page of my book was just kept very simple.  It’s not so much a layout, as it only has the vellum quote strip at the top, “Precious are all things that come from friends”..

I contacted all of my DD’s friends via Facebook (no mean feat, let me tell you!) and asked them to contribute something towards the book.  They then in turn sent me emails with their messages.  I copy and pasted them into a Word document (do you know how much slang these kids use??  I had to fight with my OCD self not to correct everything they had written, as I realise that this is ‘part’ of their language, and needs to be preserved for posterity really) and printed them off, and ‘bound’ them into a book.  I decorated the front of the book with some K&Co stickers, and another Library Card stamp inside the Library Pocket die from PTI.

I then slipped it into the back page, and finally closed the scrapbook album.

When I presented the album to my DD, and she saw all the messages from her friends, well she just burst out crying right there and then at the table.  This was the time that my DH thought it would be a good idea to get a photo of himself with DD, and so he has his arm around her with her crying her eyes out lol!!!  Makes me laugh just to think about it..

Thanks for stopping by..


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