Chelsea’s Prom Night / End of School

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi All

Chelsea now moves on to (what is known in the UK as 6th form or A-levels) Bachirellato or College. She has chosen pure sciences as her chosen subjects. She had originally chosen economics, but after a few conversations with people about what that might actually entail, I think she thinks she might be bored stiff during the lessons, and so has opted for something that she will enjoy a little more…

The school organised a ‘Prom Night’ for them. I use the word loosely, as there was no music and dancing. Just an evening for handing our their diplomas, last school photo ops, followed by a buffet and drinks. Lovely.

Chelsea looked adorable and we were very proud of her.

Hover over any of the images to get the slide show to slow down..
Click on the link “View All Images” to see the slideshow bigger..

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