Chelsea’s Pre Trip Dinner

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi All

Chelsea finishes school this year (at the tender age of only 15), and so the school always organise an end of year/school trip somewhere. This year, after much deliberation Italy was chosen as the destination of choice. The school do various fund raising activities leading up to the trip to try an gather in as much money for the ‘out of the ordinary’ expenses that may or may not be incurred whilst on said trip. One of which was the pre-trip dinner, where we were all invited to dinner served to us in the school canteen, where our waiters and waitresses for the evening would be our dear children. All went well, and Leanne (my niece) was able to join us whilst she was here on holiday. And I’m sorry Leanne, but if you have a talent, then the world MUST see it..

Click on the link “View All Images” to see the slideshow bigger..

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