Exploding Box

Posted: May 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

My first attempt at an exploding box – yay!!

I followed the tutorial here. I had to use my trusty measurement converter on the web to change the measurements into centimeters from inches – especially as I had no idea how to type in 8 5/8 inches as a decimal!!! LOL!!

In the end I managed it (and I have centimeter measurements if anyone is interested!!).

It was made for a couple’s 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary and has their photo in the middle.

I am thrilled with how this turned out, especially as it was my first attempt. It might have taken me four hours – but it was totally worth it LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by..

  1. Beautiful job, Abi! I’ve made one of these before, and man, it wasn’t easy!

  2. Wow that is gorgeous!!

  3. craftimamma says:

    I’m visiting your blog for the 1st time via Artylicious and I’m very impressed with all your creations.Decided to leave a comment on this one because the couple on the receiving end must have been thrilled. It’s beautiful and I know how fiddly they are to make. I made one in March for my daughter’s 1st Mother’s Day.I will be back!Lesley

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