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New Addition to the Family

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today we picked up the latest addition to our family – a dog. We have been looking for a dog for a while since the sad passing of our last dog Zara last year.

We had wanted to adopt a rescue shelter animal, as there are plenty of dogs on the island in need of a good home, but unfortunately not enough owners to go around.

We had heard about a family who were thinking of letting their dog go on account of the fact that their DS wasn’t looking after the animal as perhaps he should. Finally they advised my DH that we could collect the dog and take her home to adopt as our very own.

We were told that she was a German Shepherd, but on looking at her, we think she is a mix of German Shepherd and Husky – what do you think? She has very striking eyes – it’s the first thing you notice about her. Her name in Aida and she is eleven months old.

We picked her up today and she is absolutely gorgeous. I took the kids up to meet her and they of course, fell in love with her immediately. Chelsea taught her to stand down (instead of jumping up at you with excitement) and Thomas taught her to give him her paw so she is a quick study.

We look forward to many happy years with her

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I’ve moved (sort of)

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

I thought I would give WordPress a try. I initially transferred over because I wanted to have one blog in which I could include a ‘Family’ page – all on the same site, and WordPress has a pages feature. However once I had spent a entire afternoon setting it up and getting it how I wanted, I realised the the ‘pages’ only held information, and that you couldn’t actually edit them to add posts. So I was back to where I started with blogger…

I have subsequently set up another blog with just the family stuff – which I could have done with blogger (LOL) but what’s done is done now, so for the time being at least I have moved over to WordPress.

If you would like to catch up with me, please join me at my new blog here

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