You make me smile Award

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

I have received an award from Andrea – the “You make me smile” Award – thank you Andrea – you make me smile too!!

I now have to nominate 10 people. They are:


thanks for all your support – I am blessed.

  1. well done with your award ,you always make me smile with your lovely things ,Dawnx

  2. Dana says:

    The award is WELL deserved, for sure Abi.Thank you for nominating me too! *grin*

  3. You definitely deserve it and thanks so much for nominating me too. Sorry it takes me so long to post lately, I have been so busy. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  4. Alli Miles says:

    Thanks for the nomination!

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi, I’ve just tagged you, check out my blog for details

  6. Anonymous says:

    Helloooooo, I really like your blog! but I think you shouls change the backround if you can!!Love You!!By the annoying teenager who is always doing her homework *angelic smile* đŸ˜€ Chelsea xx

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