Water colouring – I love it!

Posted: September 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

As I don’t own many image stamps, I have to rely on other forms of media – stickers, dingbat fonts, image stamps that are downloaded etc etc for my main focal image.

I downloaded some dingbat fonts from 2 Peas in a bucket by David Walker and whilst I liked them when I first downloaded them, because they were quirky, I didn’t begin to absolutely adore them until I water coloured them, using the advise of Sophia Landry at Moonlight Inker. Her advice has been priceless!

I now can’t wait to water colour images using the techniques I have learned and am practically making up for lost time!!

I am showing you a few cards I have made lately using this technique, having added a little glitter to them here and there just to make them pop off the card a little.

The first one is the new card I had to make for my Spanish Colleague’s new baby card. The photo doesn’t do it justice (if I do say so myself LOL!!) as it looks adorable. This card and the giraffe are hands down my most favourite cards I have made to date.

The second one is for my ex-boss who’s little boy was born a year ago tomorrow on my Chelsea’s birthday! He is so cute! I added glitter again (are you surprised?) to his little markings and again it looks much nicer IRL.

Once again I am showing a couple of cards made using the Pink Petticoat images – many of you are mistaking these images for Bella stamps – so please visit Liz’s website (link on left) and take a look at the Lola Rose and Lilli images that she has in the boutique.

The advantage of these images for me – remember I live in the jungle in crafting terms, even Antarctica has a craft shop! – is that you can download them and them print them onto whatever you want. I print them onto water colour paper and then I use water colour pencils to colour them in. I was using Marvy Le Plume water colour pens to add colour, but I have found I get much better results with the pencils.

If anyone is interested in doing a swap with me for these images I would be glad to hear from you – this way you get to try out the Lola Rose images and I get to colour something new!! Drop me an email if you are interested.

The last card was one I made using a Dufex sticker. I’m not keen on using stickers on my cards, as people either love them or hate them, but I have so many of them I had to use them somehow! This one came out not so bad in the end. The trim is one I have had in my collection for about 10 years (no kidding!!). I bought a meter of just about every trim they had in the shop about ten years ago with a view to making some dresses for my DD, but when Thomas came along and we discovered his illness I found I didn’t have any spare time to do anything and so they just got put in a box in the back of a cupboard. Then I discovered card making and they have all come out of hiding! Funny how things work out isn’t it?

Anyway hope you like them.

  1. Andrea says:

    Fab cards and great colouring. Happy birthday to your daughter

  2. All Pink says:

    Thank god ,i have found you ,your cards are brilliant with the water effect ,(i have brought the digbats, printed, added water colour and the mess i get in )so i gave up ,if you could give me any advise i would be for- ever grate full , Dawnx

  3. Kim Pearce says:

    Hi Abi, I found your blog from a link on Liz (PP) site. I have loads of her stuff if you would like me to send you some more. I have just started watercolouring in images and was very interested in reading what you had said about tips you got from Sophia Landry at Moonlight Inker. I have been to have a peek and hope I can achieve such lovely results as you have. I haven’t tried colouring in the PP images yet but it really does make a difference doesn’t it? Also I have some of the David Walker Dingbats and must try colouring them too since reading your blog!! Anyway you can contact me at kim.pearce4@btinternet.com if you want. Cheers, Kim.

  4. Helen & Co. says:

    Hi Abi,Love these cards – the holographic type matting looks so effective!You asked about the flower on my card – I know it came from America, but I really can’t remember what make – sorry!

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi Abi, I hope you got your ribbons. I’ve tagged you, check out my blog for details.

  6. These cards are wonderful, you have been busy. I use stickers on my cards sometimes, have to have tons of them. Have a good weekend.

  7. Angelina says:

    I think these are great! You make such fabulous cards! Love them!

  8. Vera Matson says:

    cute stamps and cute cards! I like these even better than Bella!

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