Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Posted: September 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

It is my DD’s 14th birthday tomorrow. Geesh, those 14 years went quickly!

To celebrate we all went out to dinner at her favourite restaurant. We blindfolded her and then drove her around all the back streets so that she wouldn’t guess where she was going!
I am posting a couple of photos because my heart just bursts with pride when I look at both her and my son and I just love to see how proud my DH is when she is around, being our first born and all..

My heart jumps with joy when I see my DS (he was born with Brittle Bone Disease and has had to cope with many, many fractures in his little life) but he has undergone treatment which has been both long and painful, and is now (fingers crossed) almost ‘normal’ and so I thank God every day, for my two special gifts from Heaven.

  1. Dana says:

    THese are great pictures of your family Abi! Your DD is beautiful and looks much older than 14 (Don’t tell her that though! LOL)!It sounds like she had a fantastic BD celebration.

  2. Aunt T says:

    You have a beautiful family and should be beaming with pride. Hugs to you and Happy Birthday to your DD.Teresa

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