Posted: September 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hi there
I have just been checking out the blogs, going down my list as I do everyday, and I have come accross the following story of a young girl in Texas suffering from cancer. Her teacher is trying to organise for Victoria to receive a card from every state in the US to lift her spirits and see how far her name can go. They are also asking if all of us international bloggers would contribute also. I think this is a wonderful idea. She is also going to be giving away blog candy to everyone who uploads their cards for Victoria so please visit the link here to read about it and send a card. It doesn’t matter it she gets more than one card from a state or country so don’t be put off from sending your good wishes to this dear girl. Her teacher is going to put up a map so that she can see where all the cards have come from. Your card doesn’t have to be handmade either, but I know that with all the talent out there, this won’t be a problem for any of you!!

Many of us – too many of us – have been touched by cancer at some stage in our lives and the feeling of helplessness that we feel when a loved one is suffering is tremendous. Send a card and not only make Victoria’s day, but give yourself some love too. I know this is how I feel when I am creating a card for someone special – you pour your heart and soul into it.

Thank You.


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