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Water colouring – I love it!

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As I don’t own many image stamps, I have to rely on other forms of media – stickers, dingbat fonts, image stamps that are downloaded etc etc for my main focal image.

I downloaded some dingbat fonts from 2 Peas in a bucket by David Walker and whilst I liked them when I first downloaded them, because they were quirky, I didn’t begin to absolutely adore them until I water coloured them, using the advise of Sophia Landry at Moonlight Inker. Her advice has been priceless!

I now can’t wait to water colour images using the techniques I have learned and am practically making up for lost time!!

I am showing you a few cards I have made lately using this technique, having added a little glitter to them here and there just to make them pop off the card a little.

The first one is the new card I had to make for my Spanish Colleague’s new baby card. The photo doesn’t do it justice (if I do say so myself LOL!!) as it looks adorable. This card and the giraffe are hands down my most favourite cards I have made to date.

The second one is for my ex-boss who’s little boy was born a year ago tomorrow on my Chelsea’s birthday! He is so cute! I added glitter again (are you surprised?) to his little markings and again it looks much nicer IRL.

Once again I am showing a couple of cards made using the Pink Petticoat images – many of you are mistaking these images for Bella stamps – so please visit Liz’s website (link on left) and take a look at the Lola Rose and Lilli images that she has in the boutique.

The advantage of these images for me – remember I live in the jungle in crafting terms, even Antarctica has a craft shop! – is that you can download them and them print them onto whatever you want. I print them onto water colour paper and then I use water colour pencils to colour them in. I was using Marvy Le Plume water colour pens to add colour, but I have found I get much better results with the pencils.

If anyone is interested in doing a swap with me for these images I would be glad to hear from you – this way you get to try out the Lola Rose images and I get to colour something new!! Drop me an email if you are interested.

The last card was one I made using a Dufex sticker. I’m not keen on using stickers on my cards, as people either love them or hate them, but I have so many of them I had to use them somehow! This one came out not so bad in the end. The trim is one I have had in my collection for about 10 years (no kidding!!). I bought a meter of just about every trim they had in the shop about ten years ago with a view to making some dresses for my DD, but when Thomas came along and we discovered his illness I found I didn’t have any spare time to do anything and so they just got put in a box in the back of a cupboard. Then I discovered card making and they have all come out of hiding! Funny how things work out isn’t it?

Anyway hope you like them.


Happy Birthday Chelsea!

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It is my DD’s 14th birthday tomorrow. Geesh, those 14 years went quickly!

To celebrate we all went out to dinner at her favourite restaurant. We blindfolded her and then drove her around all the back streets so that she wouldn’t guess where she was going!
I am posting a couple of photos because my heart just bursts with pride when I look at both her and my son and I just love to see how proud my DH is when she is around, being our first born and all..

My heart jumps with joy when I see my DS (he was born with Brittle Bone Disease and has had to cope with many, many fractures in his little life) but he has undergone treatment which has been both long and painful, and is now (fingers crossed) almost ‘normal’ and so I thank God every day, for my two special gifts from Heaven.


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Here are my latest offerings..

Most of my cards have names on them as at the moment I make cards to order and most people want them personalised, so you will just have to ignore this element for the moment.

I am quickly realising that this turns a relatively quick card into one than can take quite a while.. so I think I am going to knock this part of my card business on the head, unless someone really has to have their loved one’s name on the front..

This one (although you can’t see it from this photo) has glitter as the frosting. My DD thinks I put too much on, but you can never have too much glitter in my opinion!! I couldn’t scrape it off anyway once it was dried, so I have kept it as is. I like it..!! The image is actually a David Walker font available to download from 2 Peas in a Bucket, then water coloured. The Paper is K&Co.

The next card uses a Pink Petticoat image from the Cheekies range. It has been water coloured. Big thank you to Sophia Landry over over at Moonlight Inker for her tips on col
ouring in images, I am much happier with them now!

The last card was actually a mistake. I thought one of my Spanish colleagues at work had asked me for a first birthday card for her friend’s little boy, whom they had named Tahiche (it’s a Guanche name), and when I took it to her, she said he wasn’t a year old, he had just been born!! (As you might have guessed I am not fluent in Spanish LOL!!!)

So I have had to do another card for her (I will post this in a future post). I still like the card, and again it uses a David Walker font from 2 Peas.

Thanks for stopping by..

Victoria’s Card

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Here is my card for Victoria. Hope she likes it. I have to rush to get it uploaded before my connection times out as I am having lots of PC problems this week (typical when I am on hols for a week that this happens!). Ho hum.

I used a pink petticoat image (some of you might have noticed by now that I don’t have any stamps!!)

I dry embossed her name and then chalked it and added a little heart shaped brad.

The paper behind the image is Basic Grey with a little organza ribbon.
I’m off to post it now.

New Blog Header

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Woohoo. I finally managed to make my own header. I took this photo of the kids last year on the beach in El Medano. We fly our kites on the beach as it is always windy, and as you can see the kite surfers were out in force as we left so it made for a nice background.

I will be posting some cards this week..


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Hi there
I have just been checking out the blogs, going down my list as I do everyday, and I have come accross the following story of a young girl in Texas suffering from cancer. Her teacher is trying to organise for Victoria to receive a card from every state in the US to lift her spirits and see how far her name can go. They are also asking if all of us international bloggers would contribute also. I think this is a wonderful idea. She is also going to be giving away blog candy to everyone who uploads their cards for Victoria so please visit the link here to read about it and send a card. It doesn’t matter it she gets more than one card from a state or country so don’t be put off from sending your good wishes to this dear girl. Her teacher is going to put up a map so that she can see where all the cards have come from. Your card doesn’t have to be handmade either, but I know that with all the talent out there, this won’t be a problem for any of you!!

Many of us – too many of us – have been touched by cancer at some stage in our lives and the feeling of helplessness that we feel when a loved one is suffering is tremendous. Send a card and not only make Victoria’s day, but give yourself some love too. I know this is how I feel when I am creating a card for someone special – you pour your heart and soul into it.

Thank You.

Well, I think I have at least!! It was the sketch challenge that I saw on Beate’s blog – SC140 (see left for link).

As I don’t own many stamps I had to get creative. I used K&Co papers for the backgrounds adhered to the card using brads. Then I used some braids/ribbon from my stash (local haberdashery shop) and then I used images from Pink Petticoat’s Lola Rose & Lilli collection. I coloured them in using watercolour pencils and Marvy Le Plume watercolour markers.

I’m pretty happy with the results – although they look much better IRL. The photos are pants as usual – must get round to getting a good photo-editing program, one that doesn’t require a manual the size of two telephone directories to understand it. I have Paint Shop Pro, but can’t understand the first thing about it – far too complicated for my little brain!!